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Dezember 21, 2020




Januar 01, 2021

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Einladendes Lächeln

Mehr zu Frauke Buchholz’ Krimi „Frostmond“ – Die Gerichtsmedizinerin macht jedem schöne Augen. Jedenfalls behauptet das der ewige verkaterte … Jean-Baptiste LeRoux.

Januar 18, 2021

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Literature ǀ Smallpox versus Pearls – Friday

For years, young women of indigenous origin have been disappearing without a trace along the Transcanada highway. These crimes do not seem to be a priority for the police. But when the 15-year-old Jeanette Maskisin was found dead in Montreal and the media reported it widely, investigators LeRoux and Garner were put on the case. Your first port of call is a Cree reservation in the far north of Quebec, where Jeanette is from. The police there met with rejection, because from the perspective of the First Nation families, the police were never interested in the missing women. The investigators are getting more and more distressed, because more victims are feared and the perpetrator is also a target – someone has sworn bloody revenge.

Januar 19, 2021

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Frauke Buchholz, „Frostmond“. Textland


Januar 21, 2021


Literatur – Überzeugende Charakterbilder

Mehr zu “Frostmond” – Frauke Buchholz gelingen überzeugende Charakterbilder.